TXST: We want Aaryn Gries EXPELLED!

First we learn that Aaryn

Gries was dropped by her modeling agency, Bella Petite

back at home in Texas because

of her racist and homophobic statements on the show.

So now Aaryn is at the house

still clueless about losing her job, &

her derogatory comments continue.

I also posted a few days ago about

Candice Stewart’s mom

being so angry with Aaryn

that her and her CHURCH plan to boycott.


Doesn’t seem like CBS’ little

disclaimer is working

the least little bit.

As if she couldn’t make her life

any harder though, students at

her college [Texas State University]

are requesting that Aaryn is

EXPELLED from the school.

Unluckily for them it isn’t working.

I feel like she has tarnished the reputation of the university,

- J.J. Franco [president of the school-funded University Ambassadors,

which recruits prospective students and provides campus tours]

VP Joanne Smith

Vice president of student affairs, JoAnne Smith, responded saying

no disciplinary actions will

be taken against Aaryn Gries.

Franco cited a provision in the school’s student handbook that states,

“persons who racially or sexually harass another person are

subject to disciplinary sanctions up to and including suspension from the university.”

Smith cited the First Amendment saying “It’s a stretch.”

Really Ms. Smith? REALLY?

She said the school

“values the diversity of people and ideas and the spirit of inclusiveness on the campus.”

Before the show Aaryn made a statement saying she

wouldn’t jepordize her values

and morals to win the game, & she doesn’t think

her parents would be


Her father, George Gries, declined

to comment about Aaryn


“she can speak for herself”.

“Even if she thinks these comments are made in good fun or made as a joke,

she’s still hurting peoples’ feelings,”

Franco said.

“And it’s not just people in the house but people in the entire country.”


Aaryn’s mom fights back!

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21 Responses

  1. becky kiggans says:

    I think that the girl will have suffered enough. We do have punishment to fit the crime. This is a freedom of choice state .unfortantly ,she has chose her freedom in a hurtful and dangerous way. She will be very much punished for her trashy mouth,so no i don’t think she should be expelled ,but i almost bet she will drop out ,or change schools after a couple of year’s break..after all america believe it or not … she is representing a lot of america’s youth.. bigotery is alive and growing very fast ….

  2. abby says:

    She was probably raised to say such hurtful things. Hope she never finds another job.

  3. Cindy says:

    She will most likely end up leaving the school, because she will not feel very welcomed when if returns.

  4. marcy wilson says:

    dont expel her from school, already lost her job and if you expel her then what kind of future would she have except would you like fries with that? if she violated the rules while on campus then that is a different story

    • Anonymous says:

      If she says these things on national television you can be pretty positive she wouldn’t hesitate to say them while on campus.

  5. Deena says:

    Lets stay out of her business. She will have a lot to deal with when she gets out of BB

  6. J says:

    Seriously, grow up. It’s clear that education is what Aaryn needs above all else. And it’s funny that you think she’s tarnishing the reputation of your school, because I didn’t know what school she even went to until I heard about this. Regardless, I (along with the rest of the general public) have enough brainpower to not think that the beliefs of one girl are any indication of what an entire school she happens to attend believes. This post is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

    There is no one on Aaryn’s side; she’s being portrayed as a monster on television. Her life as she knows it has been effectively ruined when she comes home. There are petitions like this one calling for even more punishment. She’s not “getting away” with anything. To respond to this issue in such a juvenile, illogical (and unprofessional/poorly written) way is more degrading to TSU than anything Aaryn’s said.

    I’ve had my share of experiences with racism and inequality. The self-indulgent dramatization of what’s gone on in the Big Brother house is borderline insulting to real issues going on, and it almost seems more offensive than the actual comments made.

    • Veal says:

      1- This isn’t MY school
      2- I’m posting news about it & throwing in a few opinions.
      3- I could care less about her education at this point. She dug her own grave with 0 remorse.

      • Anonymous says:

        very true and well said because a quote from her to Amanda was “I wish I cared more about this but I don’t” (speaking about her hurtful comments)

  7. Anonymous says:

    ok as a black woman I see why you would want this, but put your anger aside for a minute and remember we are Americans EVERYONE has a right to an education…even racist. If this was allowed imagine what they would try to do to us. We’ve already fought this war and won lets not go back 50 years.

  8. Ray says:

    Our school’s abbreviation is TXST, not TSU. TSU is a predominately African American school in the Houston area.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not sure what school would want to give her a degree in psychology… Imagine explaining her to alumni at fundraisers!

  10. Teddy says:

    The student ambassador should be expelled for those ugly earrings!

  11. Brady says:

    That ambassador is adorable…too bad he’s gay and engaged :(

  12. Anonymous says:

    Those earrings aren’t ugly at all. Dont listen to those haters JJ! (probably Aaryns dad posing as a ‘Teddy’ anyway) –PS: That boy is ornery ;)

  13. The result of spoiling to death a slightly pretty southern girl with low intelligence, from parents with low intelligence, equals this pitiful, racist, 21 year old, white, college student, by the name of Aaryn Grier. Aaryn Grier should be expelled from any school she is attending, and she should be fired from any job she is currently working. Those ignorant Texans should just feel really lucky that they are still alive, considering all the nasty views they hold in this modern day and age! I really pity Aaryn Grier’s future. It would be so sad to trudge along through life not thinking of anyone else but yourself!

  14. Chiefslapaho says:

    Don’t you have anything better to do? And whats up with the gay sweater?

    • Veal says:

      Ummmm Sir or madame that is NOT me in that pic and this is a NEWS page and I was sharing. Nothing gets better than THAT i guess.


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