Interview with Bad Girls Club 9 ANDREA

Last week I contacted Andrea for an interview, she agreed and we did it yesterday. Below are the questions I asked and a few questions asked by her fans.


Veal – Now that BGC is done what are you doing?

Andrea – I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and hosting and I’m still modeling and doing music videos.

Veal- Would you have done Bad Girls Club All Star Battle if they asked you?

Andrea – NO.


Veal – How did the beef between you and Mehgan start & why wasn’t it big enough for you guys to fight at the reunion?

Andrea - Megan was hating on me since before I even got into the house, she talked about me but never actually did anything to make fighting necessary.



Veal – What would you say about some of the things that happened on Bad Girls All Star Battle?

Andrea – Honestly I haven’t really watched it.


Veal –  Would you give reality TV another shot?

Andrea – Yes as long as the idea of it wasn’t surrounded by drama.



Veal – What girls from your season do you talk to on the show? Do you talk to anyone from other seasons?

Andrea – I don’t really talk to any Bad Girls.


Veal – How did being on BGC change you?

Andrea – It didn’t change me. If anything it confirmed my opinions on girls and how they act, which is why I keep my circle very small.


Veal – If you could would you go back and change anything from your experience?

 Andrea – I Would have fought Blondie the first time she pushed me.

Veal – What news or events would you like to tell your fans about?

Andrea – Stay tuned for Drea Music and well as more magazine features. I also want to thank the people who continue to support me and show love.

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