Alicia DiMichele being sentenced Monday! #MobWives #NewBlood

Last month Alicia’s husband, Eddie Garofalo was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Now it’s Alicia’s turn and she could possibly be facing up to six months in jail! Not only that, but the feds are asking for more than $100,000 to be paid! Alicia has a $96,000 bond to pay at sentencing, and is expected to be $20,000 in restitution for pocketing union funds from the trucking company she co-owned with her husband, Edward Garofalo Jr.

Being on Mob Wives doesn’t look like it really put a smile on Alicia’s judge’s face.

The defendant’s decision to participate in and profit from a television show that glorifies organized crime and those who participate in it, and demonizes the government for prosecuting these individuals, including (DiMichele), demonstrates that she fails to appreciate the seriousness of the charged crime and her life choices,” the prosecutors wrote. & addedTo allow her to profit from such an endeavor…would be a manifest injustice. Accordingly she should not retain any of her earnings.” 

My opinion on this is, Alicia shouldn’t get that much time if any at all. From what we all know she was blind throughout the whole thing. Pray for Alicia, she’ll need it.

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